Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  First things, first...
An apology to you, my reader
for not updating sooner. 

May the plethora of pictures
satisfy you, until my next AWIP,
or entry.

A few weeks back, my sister Valerie,
made the best decision of her life
and got her little sister (for her birthday)
a 3 Day Pass to Austin City Limits.

The get-away could not have been 
more timely. Plus, I missed my sis.

My roommate, Elizabeth, and myself
hit downtown Fort Worth for a little celebration!

She got the Job at World Relief!
Aren't we cute?

Happy Birthday Susan!!
In-N-Out Burgers, (wild fries for me!),
and a FroYo treat, sent her off into another
year of life. Plus! By request, from Susan,
Andrea and myself prayed for her!

I've begun working with the
Church Mobilization program at World Relief-Fort Worth.

If you didn't know, World Relief's mission statement:
"To empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable"
means lots of face-to-face contact with pastors, leaders, and so on.

I had the opportunity to work the WR table at
Texas Women's University (where boys attend as well),
Volunteer Fair!

can be fun. 

Especially when you're getting treats
and all the answers--from an inexperienced tutor.

Somali group.
What more can I say?
African women, crafts and group discussion...
I think I'm in love.

Africa, we shall meet -- oneday.

My two divas, above, are perhaps the 
only consistency here in Ft. Worth.

They knock at my door, everyday.
With out avail. Rain or shine.

It's a sound, I wouldn't say I look forward to,
but a sound that always requires the Holy Spirit 
to do His work and pour out grace.

I'm very fond of them to say the least.

Girls Night #1 - American Style.
Mad Gab, pot luck, and silly stories.

A visit to the Pumpkin Patch in Arlington, TX
get's me in the Fall mood.

Pumpkins have now overtaken my small apartment.

Girls Night # 2 - Nepali Teen Style.
Cookie decorating, Gospel sharing, chicken nuggets,
crafty frames, and Another Cinderella Story.

Plus a different form of Mad Gab...
the kind we like to call "refugee talk."


The past weeks have been fun really fun!
The highlights were perhaps:
- hearing Cold Play at ACL
- praying for Susan in the name of Jesus
- a Nepali dance party (after school)
- finding out one my Nepali friends came to know Jesus.

and a side note...
Cyndi Lauper, you were right!
Girls just wanna have fun.